Theme and Vision

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Social evolution begins in the minds of individuals who have the courage to think brave thoughts. Changes in the social arena begin with changes in the hearts and minds of those who want a new and better world.

The Planet Peace Project is an international organization dedicated to achieving peace between warring tribes, and between humankind and the planet itself. It celebrates both the art and the science of achieving a global, sustainable peace.

We define peace broadly to include the idea that humanity needs to enter into a more benign relationship with the planet itself and the other species upon it. We need to make peace not only with one another but also with the ground that sustains us, with the water we drink, and with the air we breathe.

We must begin to define peace so that conceptually it includes a more beneficial and less torturous relationship with the members of other tribes, of other religions and cultures, and other species of life on this planet as well, and we need to do so NOW.

We are not only visitors on this Earth, here to take and use and exhaust its resources. We are the guardians, the caretakers of this magnificent planet and we have a sacred responsibility to preserve and replenish its resources, even as we appreciate and cherish its incredible beauty.

One day I wrote a meditation—and that simple act is evolving into a global organization and celebration of those who work toward achieving peace. I want Planet Peace to accomplish something truly grand and noble, and have it go out into the world to help actually ACHIEVE the positive vision that it describes.

I will quote Native American Oren Lyons, of the Onondaga tribe:

In our way of life, in our government, with every decision we make, we always keep in mind the Seventh Generation to come. It’s our job to see that the people coming ahead, the generations still unborn, have a world no worse than ours—and hopefully better.

Planet Peace will attend to the fate of our glorious planet Earth, and to our moral obligation to the Seventh Generation.

Behold, the Planet Peace credo:

  • May we rise to the call of our duty not only to our countries but also to our world.
  • May we work successfully to preserve our natural environment and the delicate balance in our ecosystem.
  • May we endeavor to achieve peace and cooperation among the tribes that would remain at war.
  • May we one day call this precious pearl by its more true and rightful name: PLANET PEACE.

The Planet Peace Festivals will unite the art that celebrates all life and the beauty of this Earth with the science and political activism that may help save it.